We offer an experience in beautiful, compact and self-sustaining cabins, up in the trees. We combined unique architecture with minimalist design and a low ecological footprint.

While we aim to minimise our impact on nature, our goal is to maximise our impact on you.  Our 6 cabins that come in 3 unique designs, detach you from the world and the hustle and bustle of daily life.

They provide you with all the space you need to  connect with the environment, make time for your loved ones and restore your inner balance. Enjoy nature together, read a book or simply appreciate the silence around you with a cup of tea.


This is your moment.


Suspended at more than 4 metres above the ground, this bright glass cabin provides singles or couples with an unforgettable experience of being 360° surrounded by nature. Once you’re in, there’s a good chance you might not want to leave anymore. The 30m² Glass Cube cabin comes with an equipped kitchen, living room, dining room and a mezzanine that sleeps 2 people.

The bathroom has a  toilet and  you can  enjoy a warm shower . To allow you to fully see, experience and even smell nature the Glass Cube also has a 15m² rooftop terrace between the treetops with unique views on your surroundings. If you are quiet enough, you might even get to meet our resident squirrels.



Perhaps you long to get out in nature, but you also appreciate the cosy, private feeling of more secluded shelter at night. Then our Flying Fermette will give you a salvaged home feeling hanging in the middle of the treetops .
At 3 metres above the ground, the 31m² cabin has 2 large glass fronts on both ends of the cabin that provide splendid views on the surrounding forest. The 5m² covered terrace allows ou to get just even more closer to nature, even when it rains.

The walls and roof, made from recycled barn wood, give this retreat an unexpected familiar feel in an uncommon setting as it is inspired by the traditional Belgian fermette.
The Flying Fermette cabin has a kitchen, living room and a dining room followed with the covered terrace. The bathroom is equipped with a  toilet. The mezzanine accommodates 2 people and a sofa bed can sleep 2 more guests.



Our impressive 8-metre tall Tower offers the best of both worlds. It’s a safe haven close to the earth, at 1 metre above the ground. At the same time you can climb up the inner ladder to the top of the cabin, at 9 metres high. This 35m² sturdy retreat is all about real and authentic connection as its design encourages you to spend uninterrupted time together. At the same time, you’ll never lose touch with nature through carefully framed views on each side of the cabin. Create an intimate atmosphere by making a warm, cosy fire together in the fire pit.

And what better way to finish a magical day than by stargazing from the 9-metre high rooftop terrace between the highest treetops?
No worries if you have a fear of heights.
The Tower provides shelter to a maximum of 6 (Tower #2) or 4 (Tower #1) people. The 2 mezzanines each have a sleeping area for 2 people  and a sofa bed in the Tower #2 can accommodate 2 more persons. The cabin has a kitchen, living room, dining room and a bathroom with a toilet and shower.



We encourage you to disconnect from your phone and social media, but to make sure you can take pictures of this unforgettable experience we provide a charging point in each cabin for your smartphone.


Check out the #latergrams from those who chose simply silence.