COVID 19:We are open ! Getting there:Humain, Luxembourg - Humain is located at a 1:15h drive from Brussels. Parking:A parking is located at the entry of the forest. From there you will go by foot , by a forest road,  to your cabin. Cabins:The Tower and Flying Fermette are both accessible through an easy staircase.Please note that the access Glass Cube is a bit more challenging. If you are really afraid of hights, but you still want to be elevated, we advise to book the Flying Fermette or the Tower Arrival/DepartureCheck-in: 16:00 - 18:00Check-out: 11:00

Being off-grid basically means resources (water, electricity, heat) are limited. The cabins are designed to have a comfortable stay, with minimal use of ressources. 
  • Heating: wood stove
  • Kitchen: Hot plate on the wood stove
  • Toilet: compost toilet
  • Water: +/- 50 l per person per night.
  • Hot shower : +/- 4 min per person per night booked.
  • Fridge: passive cool box with pre-cooled elements
  • Wifi: No.
  • 4G reception: In most of the cabins you will only have cellular recepetion. However, if you go on the terrace, you will always have 4G reception.

Coming soon.

While we love pets, we do not allow them in the cabins. We have a lot of other co-habitants in the forest that we want to scare as little as possible.

In case of annulation > 2 weeks before your stay, you will get a voucher to rebook your stay.

Week: 200€/night

Weekend / School holidays: 250€/night

If you have any questions please contact us by mail: info@stay-ici.be