COMING SOON (as from July)

In the middle of the forest, there is an oasis of connection surrounded by lower vegetation: The Living Room.

Cook a nice meal with your friends or family, a coffee or tea break in the afternoon, or quickly send an
email from the wilderness to civilization. The Living Room gives you that little bit of extra flexibility & luxury to make your stay truly unique.


But also companies, that want to go on a retreat with the team for a midweek, the Living Room is the ideal addition to the privative cabins: a place for connection, mindfulness, yoga, brainstorming, strategic retreat, training & coaching and above all socializing. This, for you to not only connect with yourself but also with others: the ideal way to guarantee a close and efficient group on work for the coming year.

This glass conservatory with a large terrace has all the necessary amenities to make your stay unique; Kitchen countertop, toilet, tables and chairs and seats, guaranteeing maximum flexibility for various uses. In addition, this is the only location in the forest where you can also connect to the rest of the world through wifi. A beamer can be ordered to watch movies or give a presentation together. Last but not least there is the fireplace, at the center of the room the fire and the heat are used as a connecting element par excellence.


The Living Room can be used
freely during the summer months by the guests of the cabins. Groups can privatize the Living Room throughout the year in addition to a booking of all 6 cabanas.
If interested, please contact


Welcome to the Living Room.




Hi, we’re Tim and Toon, two Belgian entrepreneurs and dreamers who also share a concern about the future of the world and our society. We’re convinced that things can and must be done differently and that it’s truly possible to make a real difference.

On numerous journeys all over the world we´ve encountered many people from different cultures that inspired our worldview and perception of life. We deeply appreciate beauty, and simply adore life. Over the years, the desire has grown to share this experience with others. We embarked on a mission to craft unforgettable experiences in unique yet simply designed spaces that make people reflect on and reconnect with the beauty that is life.


Welcome to Slô.