In addition to leisure vacations, ICI will also open its doors to companies and organizations from 2023. The influence of the daily rat race and the battle-for-talent on mental health makes us pay attention to the wellbeing of employees. Because this is precisely one of the aspects that determine the added value of a company.

ICI develops customized formulas for companies and organizations. With a maximum of 25 people, the opportunity is offered to employees, management or Board of Directors to recharge their batteries, away from the daily routine. Depending on demand, a number of cabins or an entire project, including common areas, can be booked for 2 or more days. The necessary ICT facilities and meeting or presentation infrastructure are available. Catering for several meals per day is provided, and this in the common area or privately per cabin. Questions or interest? Feel free to contact us at:

"Boost your companies most precious resource : the team."

Pictures by Tablomargot - Kaat DM