A world that runs faster and faster and expects more and more: the perfect partner, parent, employee, preferably with a perfect figure. What if we regularly had real time for ourselves, moments when nothing has to. Moments to slow down, to really connect with ourselves, our loved ones and nature. We realize more and more that we need to reduce our ecological footprint. This realization goes hand in hand with a critical look at the way we use space, where and how we live, and which areas we preserve for nature and agriculture.

Imagine a place where you can get rid of everything unnecessary in the middle of nature, far away from all distractions. Cabins in the most unique and diverse rural landscapes. Architectural masterpieces with a minimalist design as a physical translation of the search for the essence, always context-specific and perfectly blending into its environment : in the trees, among the stables, on the water,.... Equipped with all the necessary comforts (toilet, kitchenette, hot water shower, heating and electricity) but limited as an invitation to awareness of the scarcity of our planet's resources. What remains after getting rid of the daily obligations is the essence : Slow-cooking on a stove, listening to the birds, reading a book, having a tea or an aperitif and simply enjoying what nature has to offer us.

ICI links its unique cabins to a number of socially and ecologically relevant topics, such as social and local economy, short food supply chain, hydro power plant , creation of buffer basins in flood prone areas etc in order to contribute together with its guests towards a more sustainable society. Guests are introduced to a number of social and ecological challenges in a low-threshold manner and are invited to critically question certain issues in order to help ensure the future survival of our unique planet.

This is what we at ICI call the sustainability of society, Sustainability of Society.Welcome to ICI. Simply Silence.