Short Food Supply Chain.

Our current globalized economy, based on maximum consumption and production, has been showing some cracks for some time. We are slowly but surely being forced to rethink our food system to ensure our future. ICI at the stables wants to highlight the short chain economy with seasonal and quality products from our place, combined with unique stays.

Magerotte, ethically grown pigs of unique quality.

Ici at the stables is the result of a unique collaboration between ICI and the Magerotte family, who, as a butcher and pig farmer since 1934, swear by their unique way of working: quality and short chain. The farm consists of about 30 small pig houses scattered over 16 acres of land. Around each cottage, 10 to 20 pigs graze around, each with their own pasture of 5 000 m². They are given all the time they need to grow naturally and based on local grains; wheat, supplemented by barley, linseed and pea. The family takes its sustainable approach to production even further: Since the pigs need shade in the summer, apple trees were planted around the pastures. The result is the production of their own apple juice and Frimas d'Ardenne (cider). These apple trees then attracted bees which resulted in the production of their own honey Miel Mille Fleur.

Circular agriculture avant-la-lettre.


Scattered across the grassy plains of Magerotte are 6 mobile cabins, whose design is based on the adjacent authentic pig houses. The cabins offer maximum interaction with the pigs and face south-west. With a large expanse of glass towards the unique protected forests of the surrounding area, visitors are given the opportunity to discover the fusion between agriculture and nature. The expanse of fields and large grazing areas ensure that, contrary to what you might think, there is little or no odor nuisance from the pigs.

When designing the cabins, maximum inspiration was drawn from the local context. The remarkable authentic pigsties served as inspiration for the design of the cabins. The six cabins were finished with barnwood, reclaimed wood from previously demolished stables, combined with large expanses of glass, allowing sleeping and dining under the stars. Visitors are provided with all the necessary comforts thanks to a kitchenette, dining area, living area with wood-burning stove with cooktop, shower, toilet and a sleeping cocoon for 2 to 4 people (supplemented by 2 sofa beds). The cabins are an accessible concept suitable for couples, friendly couples and families up to 4 children, as well as accessible for people with disabilities (with a hand of help from loved ones). Finally, all cabins are equipped with their own 3-leg hanging outdoor BBQ.

"When designing the cabins, as always at ICI, maximum inspiration was drawn from the local context."

Gastronomy& Short Chain.

Atop a breathtaking view of the surrounding natural areas, ICI at the Stables offers a taste of life on the farm. Literally and figuratively. André Magerotte's butchery, located in the center of Nassogne, is known in Belgium as one of the best in the country. Moreover, the fresh pork is only available locally in Nassogne. There is also the possibility of ordering food boxes for dinner (meat and vegetarian). These are meals based on the recipes of top chef Toon De Bock and with meat from Magerotte, which can be prepared on the stove or bbq. To this you can order local apple juice, beer, cider. In the morning you can enjoy a delicious breakfast basket with fresh apple juice from the house, home-produced honey and other local products.

Pictures by Tablomargot - Kaat DM

Greenhouse& wellness.

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Comfort and Durability, hand in hand.

Comfort and sustainability go hand in hand at ICI. The cabins are equipped with all the minimum necessary comforts to ensure that you feel both at home and on vacation. However, we are also aware of the finite nature of our resources. The water is heated by electric water heaters powered by solar energy. The natural and biodegradable soap offered in ICI is powder-based and thus infinitely refillable, thus renouncing single use plastics. The cabins are heated by a wood stove, which can also be used for cooking. The wood is locally harvested as part of the sustainable maintenance of the forest in which ICI-in the trees is located.

where isat the stables?

ICI at the Stables is located a stone's throw from the picturesque village of Nassogne, at the entrance of the Belgian Ardennes (province of Luxembourg), 1h20 from Brussels. You will stay amid the rolling landscape of forests, grassy meadows and vast fields. Tip: the other site ICI in the Trees is only 15 km away, making it easy to combine a stay in the 2 different projects.