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ICI saw the light of day in 2018 and is the brainchild of Tim Goes and Toon Haverals, two friendly Belgian entrepreneurs who have both been active in architecture and real estate for years. Their shared love of life, passion for real estate and concern for a number of social evolutions led them to come up with an innovative concept.

After numerous weekends in the far corners of Belgium and the world, meetings with other cultures and people from different backgrounds, the conviction grew that it was time for a revolution in our way of traveling and relaxing. A new offer forced itself upon us.


Tim Goes is a commerce engineer (Solvay Business school) by training with a post-graduate degree in Hospitality Management from Cornell. He has been passionate about different forms of real estate and entrepreneurship since childhood. His interests lie at the intersection of hospitality, real estate and the experience economy. For another, Tim has a private interest in all things fauna and flora.

Before joining ICI full-time, Tim was responsible for the investments of a real estate investment fund. Tim focuses on day-to-day management and divides his time between Brussels and Luxembourg. In his free time, Tim enjoys playing sports in nature and spending time with his daughter Alice.


Toon Haverals is a passionate civil engineer-architect with an executive master's degree in Real Estate Management, complemented by more than 15 years of experience in real estate development. Toon is Managing Partner of the Antwerp real estate company LIFE and Partner at ICI. Toon sees it as a privilege as well as a responsibility to use real estate to enhance the overall quality of life.

For him, constantly reinventing himself and thinking about new ways of living and working are the basis for future-proof development and long-term value.

Toon's passion in his professional life also shows in his life... Most of all, he loves traveling and discovering new cultures that inspire him. His head is regularly cleared by running a marathon or sliding down a slope. His heart is filled with love for his girlfriend Yacine, baby daughter Scottie and friends and family.

Life in the ICI...